The black veil, The stolen Bacillus and The Necklace

I have chosen three stories they are called;

1. The black veil.

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2. The stolen Bacillus.

3. The Necklace.

Overall, setting is very important to the plot of a story because it totally sets the story off and as you are reading a story it give you an ongoing image in your head of what is happening in the story. In the story The Black Veil, setting is very important to the plot because at the start of the story is describes a young medical practitioner who is recently established in business sitting next to a cheerful fire.

When suddenly another young man comes in proclaiming information about a woman at the door of the medical room.

When you read this part it automatically brings the story into your head as a sort of film. The writer describes a room with a glass door and a woman standing there with a black veil on her head. This sort of setting is perfect for this as it makes you intreiged in what is happening and it makes you want to read on. I think that this is the part of the black veil where the setting is most important to the plot.

In the story The Stolen Ballicus I feel that the part of the story where the setting is most important to the plot is when there is the cab chase because you can imagine it in the middle of London with horse driven cabs going flat out down the narrow streets with ongoing spectators laughing and commenting on the whole atmosphere.

With the first cab in front with the man who stole the chemical, the owner running behind in his one slipper and his wife behind him in a cab with a coat and hat. You can just imagine the rough dirty London streets.

But the final story I read, The Necklace, which was my favourite story out of the three which I read, I found setting was most important to the plot in this particular story than any other.

The whole of the story virtually relies on setting to be important to the plot from start to finish. The woman in the story likes to be treated as if she is rich and as she goes to this grand dance and everybody likes her she like it even more. The setting changes a lot in this story and it changes dramatically when she gets home and realises that she has lost the necklace that her friend had lent her. They are beside themselves with worry and end up spending all of there money and loaning more money to buy a new one. At this point in the story the setting changes because they sell their flat and she becomes some sort of cleaner. The other thing that I liked was the dramatic twist at the end when she finds out that the original necklace only cost 500 francs.

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