In my case study I will explain and supply a lot of information on the facts, and consequences of smoking. I will explain the dangers of smoking, why people crave cigarettes, and what smoking does to your body. I will also explain why the government are implementing the smoking ban which takes effect on the 1st of July!

What is in a cigarette?

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Main causes of death attribute are the ingredients in the cigarette. They contain over 4000 different chemicals including noxious gases and tiny droplets of tar, which causes cancer, and nicotine, a highly addictive drug.

When you take a puff on that fag you are inhaling smoke that contains chemicals found in insecticide, explosives and floor cleaner; Ant poison, nail polish remover, weed killer, self tanning lotion and aviation fuel.

Tar- Tar is a mixture of chemicals, to name a few (arsenic and cyanide) when a smoker inhales smoke from a cigarette, about 70% of the tar is left in the smokers lungs! And this can cause serious lung diseases.

Carbon Monoxide- carbon monoxide is a odurless and tasteless disease, or as formule know “poisonous gas”, It makes breating around the bodymuch more difficult as it combines with the bodies blood which carries oxygen around the body. This can be serious because oxygen is essential for our bodies to function properbly. On average 15% of a smokers blood system may be carrying CO instead of oxygen, this results in the heart having to work much harder, which can then lead to conorary heart diease and further circulation problems.

Acetone- This chemical is also used as a solvent, for example, nail polisher.

Ammonia- This chemical is used in a lot of well known cleaning fluids, so this is clearly a hazard to your body.

Arsenic – This is a very deadly poison used in insecticides.

Formaldehyde- This is used to preserve dead bodies.

Cadmium- Another highly poisonous material used in batteries.

Shellac- This substance becomes a wood vanish when mixed with certain types of alcohol.

Benzene- This is used as a solvent in chemical production and fuel production.

Cyanide- A deadly poison



Heart, stroke, circulation


Lung diseases, COPD


Digestive diseases, ulcers




Table showing Uks smoking rate!

Cigarettes- every single one of them contains over 4,000 chemicals and around 60 seriously harmful chemicals i.e: Benzene, Cyanide, Cadmium, Ammonia to name some of the most harmful chemicals.

When some one smokes their brain grows on more receptors which thrive on nicotine. Then when you quit, these common receptors no longer get the nicotine they need. This causes the cravings and cold effects in your body.

Smoking harms nearly every organ in one’s body, causing multiple illness and severly reduces quality ans life span of someones life.

Over the past four eyes britain has estimated that on average in England 340,000 die every year due to the causes and effects of smoking which harms your body. For every death caused by smoking approximatly 20 other serious smokers are in NHS hospitals suffering from lung cancer, heart pains and so on.

Quick facts about what smoking does to your body!

* Smoking gives you bad breath!

* Causes wrinkles earlier on in life!

* Makes your hair and clothes smell!

* Can affect your fitness and sports performances!

* Stains your teeth and makes your skin dry!

* It will crease your lips causing un-comfortable pain on the lips area!

* Makes your skin tougher and not as soft!

* It will mix the fluids around in your brain

What smoking does to certain major parts of your body!!

Normally your lungs breathe air in and breathe air out. Your lungs allow you to take in the oxygen that your body needs to live. Where as if you are a smoker, the chemicals in a cigaretee enter your body via your lungs causing: Faster puffs of breath even if it is just one puff. Smokers cough a lot to release the toxins from the cigarette this causes discomfort and can lead to heart failure and other serious diseases because the smokers body is not used to breathing air in this way.

Smoking can affect other illness as well, such as asthma and other serious diseases. It makes it worse because the smoke from the cigarette agrivates the illnesss.

Smoking damages the tissues in your lungs, this therfore means that your lungs cannot function properbly and then can break down, which leads to serious distress. Many smokers die from diseases where it is very hard and uncomfortable to breathe like Bronchitus, emphysema ans the main kille of all LUNG CANCER! 98% of all lung cancer cases are caused by smoking cigarettes and too much tobacco.

What the heart does normally- Usually your heart pumps blood around the body. If your heart loses to much blood or completely stops or even if blood cant reach it… then you will automatically die. Instantly. When something like this happens to yours or someone elses body or something similar to this cause, that is called a stroke, or in most cases… A Heart attack!

The immediate effecs of what smoking does to your heart- The chemicals in a cigarette make the blood vessels in your heart much smaller, less elastic, and much more likely to block or tear, as a result of this the heart has to beat considerably faster to pump more blood around the body!

This, in a combination with an increase of blood pressure, increases the bodies demand for oxygen and consequently the heart has to work harder. Within 1/2 of breathing in second hand smoke, a non- smokers risk of a heart attack is increased!

The later effects on how smoking a cigarette can affect your heart- Smoking and being exposed to second hand smoke increases the chance of a heart attack in the long term. These are caused when the blood vessells in the heart get blocked.

Cancers – The cancer causing chemicals in tobacco are passed around the body, in the blood stream. This has been shown to have increased the risks of cancer in other parts of the body In particular, cancers in the kidneys and the lungs are the most common!

Bones- Smoking increases the chances of getting Osteoporosis, a thinning of the bones, which happens later in life and is more common in women.

Exposure to second hand smoking severely increases the risk of getting lung cancer, international experts have recently claimed. Mariah Williams told BBC interviewers recently in an interview: “Passive smoking is quite clearly more than just the nuisance many of the world’s tobacco companies would have us believe”

“Why should you worry about second hand smoke?”

* Second-hand Smoke causes about 3,000 deaths each year from lung cancer in people who don’t smoke.

* Second-hand Smoke causes irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat.

* Second-hand Smoke can also irritate the lungs, leading to coughing, excessive phlegm and chest discomfort.

* Second-hand Smoke has been linked with the onset of chest pain may affect the heart, according to some studies.

“Second-hand Smoke especially hurts Children!”

* Children who breathe Second-hand Smoke are more likely to suffer from pneumonia, bronchitis, and other lung diseases.

* Children who breathe Second-hand Smoke have more inner infections

* Children who breathe Second-hand Smoke are more likely to develop asthma

* Children who have asthma and who breathe Second-hand Smoke have more asthma attacks

* There are an estimated 150,000 to 300,000 case every year of infections, such as bronchitis and pneumonia in infants and children under 18 months of age who breathe Second-hand Smoke. These result in 7,500 to 15,000 hospitalizations.

I got those 2 sections of bullet points from the following website:


People say that smoking should definatly be banned because it does no good to the environment! The reason why people say this is also because it can cause other people to start smoking as well! Also some people think it should be banned because of how much damage it does to your health.

“The smoking ban means New Labour is enforcing restrictions on people’s habits that no previous government would seriously have countenanced. It confirms that politics has become more about policing personal behaviour than building the Good Society. And by the same token, the response shows the new willingness of the public – including many smokers – to accept restrictions that would have seemed unimaginable only a few years ago. That trend confirms both how many are now open to intervention by the therapeutic state, and willing to see other people as the problem.”

The above statement is from:

Smoking ban has begun! From 1st July 2007, People are hoping for it to be a success


“Smoking in public places is banned in Delhi and a lot of other parts of India but it hasn’t made any difference. This is because the ban has never really been implemented – there are meant to be fines if you are caught smoking in restaurants, railway stations and public buildings, but to my knowledge no-one has ever been caught or fined.

An estimated 1m people die every year in India from tobacco-related causes and majority public opinion was behind the ban but it was passed without anyone really considering how it would be enforced.

Lack of money and resources has meant it has had no impact in India and is openly flouted”

Abhishek Prabhat, BBC Delhi

“Smoking has been banned in most public places in Turkey since the late 1990’s. It is forbidden to smoke in hospitals and schools, buses and trains, all government buildings. Some of the big shopping malls and office complexes have followed suit.

But try to ban smoking in restaurants, bars and cafes and you could end up with a revolt! Turks are usually known for their addiction to strong coffee and strong tea, which, for half the population at least, cannot be properly enjoyed without a cigarette.

Come tea time, it is not unusual for dinners (and dinner table conversations) to last for several hours, especially if accompanied by the local drink, Raki. A packet of cigarettes is finished before you know it – it is considered bad manners to keep your packet to yourself.

It is also the best way to start a conversation with your taxi driver – but to be avoided at all costs in public places during the holy month of Ramadan, when most people are fasting.

So, the government may have moved early to impose a smoking ban for public places, but it has so far not convinced the private sector to do the same. Indeed, walk into any restaurant in Turkey, and the chances are you will get the best places only of you are a smoker. Non-smokers, follow me to the back please.”

Ebru Dogan, BBC Turkish section

Evidence: Some people think that smoking ban should be enforced, but some don’t! these people’s opinions are usually left out and are un- heard of!

This then causes up-roar because they believe that their right to smoke should be their right and that It should not be taken away from them! Free will, is the biggest word which protestors use! Its their life, let them smoke if they want to smoke!

“As smokers become increasingly stigmatised, many pubs and restaurants are thinking about banning smokers. Inside Out looks at whether Millender’s will be fuming mad if smoking bans get the go-ahead.”

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