A review of the film Bait

The film bait is very touching. It is about an important close relationship between a father and son. The theme of poverty and love is shown through clever acting and camera work.

At the beginning of the film we notice JohnO, a Newcastle man, getting ready for a job interview while Clint his son is busy making the bait for lunch. His close juxtaposition to the bait in a narrow camera shot emphasises his concentration and focus.

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When JohnO is busy ironing his shirt, he is full of intense concentration and Clint’s face is full of anxiety. Their house looks like a poor old house, there’s not much furniture and the ceilings are peeling. They look a bit grim. We see JohnO ironing in the kitchen. We can tell that their home is a small terraced house, because everything is crammed into the kitchen. Also we see a close up shot of JohnO taking out money from a jam jar full of coppers and loose change. This is another indication of his poverty.

The most interesting actor for me is Clint, because as we see the film develop, we see Clint learning serious lessons about life. The eye line focus here is important, because the audience sees life from Clint’s point of view. He is a young boy who doesn’t really know much about life or what struggles people go through.

After a while Clint is left in the caf� while JohnO goes to the interview. When he comes back he is full of disappointment and finds Clint alone and the bait has been stolen from the hungry tramp. In a long shot JohnO runs after the tramp. He is very heated and starts to fight him. The camera angle is very affective because we realise he is having a massive revelation. This is symbolic off the problems we all accoutre in life and how we deal with them

The two shot of JohnO and the tramp powerfully shows that this is a serious matter and also points out poverty. After a while we see hate and love develop. JohnO starts to cry and starts to realise what he’s doing. He begins to hug the tramp. He feels sorry and ashamed because of the job and how he’s not providing for Clint and how making a fool of himself. There’s a silhouette of the hungry tramp, Clint and JohnO which shows tension between them. JohnO then fixes up. He is worried about Clint seeing him in a mess; Clint then learns a very important lesson that his dad is vulnerable. We see this in a close up of Clint’s face; half of it is hidden by a building.

At the beginning of the film JohnO tweaks Clint’s ears to make him happy and to keep him going. A role reversal happens when Clint now tweaks his dad’s ears to make him happy after all the commotion. This is a reassuring, moving and emotional scene.

Towards the end JohnO is then rationalising about not getting the job. Powerful happy relaxed music is played on the sound track. They are reconciled to having to walk back home instead of taking a bus. Hope and happiness have come out of a bad situation. They seem to have conquered poverty and adversity and are strong together to face the next day.

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