Positive Factors

Adequate finances mean that people are able to buy nutritious food, go out and socialise, buy clothes, pay bills in the house, and buy things to help them feel good. My client does have enough money as both she and her husband have full time jobs. This means that she does have money to buy good food for her family, which gives them all a balanced diet, to go out with her friends and family, which helps with her social life and may let her make new friends.

Also, Mary can afford to buy clothes to keep her warm, and make her look nice for her friends and family. By having enough money to pay the bills in her household, she is keeping her and her family warm from the central heating, they are able to cook in the cooker, have electricity to watch TV and play on the computer. Mary and her husband also have enough money to buy each other and their family presents for birthdays, Christmas and just for treats which helps to not leave tension in the house so that everyone can enjoy each others company.

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Balanced diet By having a balanced diet, it means that people are generally healthier and more fit than people who constantly eat “junk” food. Mary has a balanced diet through having adequate finances and can buy healthy and nutritious food for her and her family. This means that she will have the benefits of oral health through an adequate calcium intake, which can also help fight the onset of osteoporosis. It also reduces the risk of diabetes, heart disease and obesity making her feel better about herself.

Mary’s immune system will also be better equipped to fight off infection, therefore taking less time off work through illness – employers are now financially rewarding their staff for not taking sick leave. My client will also have increased energy which would make her feel better and want to do more and getting more enjoyment out of her life. Supportive Relationships If people have supportive relationships with their friends and family, this means that it gives them encouragement and boosts their self esteem. My client has a supportive relationship with her husband and children.

They give her encouragement and help her to do things that she cannot do very well. As Mary has a bad back, due to a horse riding accident, her family help her with physical things suck as cooking as she cannot stand up for very long. Also, my client has supportive relationships with her friends at work. They go out together after work and she enjoys their company as they support and encourage her. This gives Mary a boost for her self esteem and means that she has a good social life. Simulating Work and Education

By having a good education, it enables people to get a better job than if someone quit school early or had a bad education. Stimulating work means that the brain is still working and processing information. Mary’s job includes lots of thinking and stimulation for the mind as she is a legal secretary, working on computers, having to do lots of jobs at once for her boss. She also had a good education in Canada and received her diploma after graduating and this has enabled her to get a good job which she enjoys, likes her colleagues, and it keeps her brain busy.

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