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Our whole group made the decision about filming our horror trailer together. We brainstormed all of our ideas, gathered our information together, and all took a fair part in deciding how the film was going to be shot, where, and so on. We had interesting debates and discussions and different ideas about the trailer shoot. Our target audience is the rating of 15. This means only 15 years of age and above are allowed to watch this film, due to scenes which are not appropriate to the younger age below 15.

Our film will appeal to our target audience as it is a typical sort of horror film where teenagers like to go and watch. The filming I enjoyed, as I was filming, and the other members of the group were cast in the trailer. I enjoyed having the freedom to go around the school and film without supervision, which was an extra boost for me and the actors in the trailer to work harder, and make our trailer the best trailer created In our class group, and hoping could come in some competition of our whole media year.

We did have to make some minor changes from the planning from when we filmed the trailer, as their were a couple of out of bound restrictions that were forbid against our freedom which was fair enough, but we managed to work around that. A trailer is all about getting in small interesting highlight clips of the original movie, to attract your audience to come and watch the whole film when released. We had one character in the film. He was the killer, and we had the killer in a few shots, making things look bloodcurdling for the viewers.

The reason I chose this particular person as the killer in the film, is as he looked rather intimidating, no disrespect to him, and with his red jumper being worn, and a black scarf over his mouth looked really scary! We chose to shoot one of our scenes in a room know one had been to. This place was like a boiler room, leading up to the school roof, which is where we shot the scene which was a really good idea from the group. The intro and outro to our film had a black background, with red italic writing, symbolising the dark side with the red blood, and the killer was also wearing red.

We had a variety of different camera shots, me had extreme close ups, close ups, head and shoulder, still camera images, these different shots were to unsettle the audience, and make them feel the characters emotions, and also to emphasis on the action. We used digenetic sounds in the trailer, to build the tension up to the next scene, and to make things livelier. We also had a voice over done by another member of the group which was recorded over the other sounds in the film. The trailer turned out good. It was good in the scene of that it was thrilling, even though it was so basic, but the editing spiced things up a lot.

If we were to redo the Trailer, I personally would add more characters, different scenes, different camera angles and different digenetic sounds. I had the main roll in most of the work put towards this project. As I come up with more of the ideas, I shot the trailer, and also edited the trailer myself. I enjoy editing, and I have had practice before, therefore it was my choice to do this. The trailer does fulfil its purpose, and did attract the target audience as other groups were looking at our final project, and the feedback we had was very positive.

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