This Kid’s growing up Fast

Sometimes I look in the mirror and wonder how I’m growing up so fast, it jus seems like life is passing by so quick to me. October 15 was the day I was brought into this glorious world by my lovely mother; I bet she was pretty excited to see her first son. My name is Karthik Sarvepalli, I was born October 15, 1991, Bangalore, Karnataka, in India. Most of you might not know where that is, it’s in the southern part of India. Karnataka is like the province and Bangalore is like the capital. My life goes on like a normal person, I have some interesting moments but I’m just here to live life to the fullest.

I moved from Bangalore to Baroda (another city) while I was still a baby, we moved from Bangalore to Baroda because my grandmother lived there and my father got a job there, I started preschool when I was about 3 or 2 years 11 months to be exact. I went to Anand Balwadi privet school . After I finished preschool, I started junior kindergarten which was also in Anand Balwadi privet school in Baroda. After I finished junior kindergarten, my mother was in the process of delivering my younger brother, my mother wanted to go back to Bangalore because she would get more support for the delivery of my brother.

After my brother was 2, my father migrated to Canada searching for a better life for our family. Five months later my mother, brother and myself came to Canada. It was exciting and scary, It was exciting because it’s a new place and because the lifestyle is different. However it was scary because I was so used to being in India, I wasn’t ready to explore this new world yet. So when I came here I went to Niagara Public School, it was very harsh on me. I was trying to make friends learn a new language and cope with the new lifestyle.

It wasn’t all fun and games like it is now, back then our family was going through some tough times, we lived in a 1 room bachelor apartment. We lived in a very bad place, you could hear gunshots at night, overall the area wasn’t safe, and so after I finished gr. 1 there I went to Parkdale Public School. Here it was safer the environment was friendly and the school was pretty good. I learned English and developed my skills in all the subjects. After I made good friends and my family got settled into the neighborhood, my mother met a woman who was in the business field, she interested my mom in joining the team.

The group name of this lead organization was Quick star; this woman named Selvi had a son named Luckshman about the age of my younger brother which is 8 -9 years old, and a girl named Lavanyia that was a year older than me. They’re the people who advised us to move here, we would be closer to them, and because this Quick star business had lots of meetings (which you need a car to go to) we needed them, because we didn’t have a car at that time. So that’s how I came to Armadale Public school. I like it here; most of the people have Indian or Sri Lankan background.

I feel safer here than I did in Parkdale, even though I lived in Parkdale for almost 6 years, I like this place better. My likes and dislikes are pretty straight forward, I don’t like when people are nosey, and two-faced, these thing bug me the most, they bug me because I can’t stand when people get into other peoples business, I mean you can ask something that invades a little but you don’t have to know everything. And people who are two-faced I cant stand that either, if your true to a friend you will stay true no matter what, some people break that trust and it causes a fight so I think its good if you be honest.

I love dogs they are the best, the thing I like about them is that, they are so cute when they are puppies, and protective when they are big, they will be loyal to you because you are like their mother you raised them. I also like learning new stuff about the computer I find it intriguing, I also don’t understand why people are always saying history is boring , I love history, I also like science, language, music and gym. Some activities I do when I get home are going on the computer and play videogames.

Some of the activities I do after school are playing sports with my friends, or sometimes we just sit around and talk about interesting things. I┬álove music, who doesn’t, music is like a pill to me, it cures my worries and relives my tension, I also like making lyrics to my own songs ( I’m planning to record some, when I get the chance). Last but not least my family and friends , I love my family they’ve been there for me when I’m having a tough time, they try to help out as much as they can, and my parents try their hardest to make my bother’s and my life the best it can be.

My friends are very close to me, they are like siblings that live in different houses, I care for them, they are very important to me, they are going through the same things I am so it feels comfortable to know you’re not the only one having a tough time. My outlook on the future, after I finish elementary school, high school, and collage or university, I want to explore the field of dentistry, not only because I find it interesting, also because I will make a lot of money!

However while I’m studying to get my credits need to become an orthodontist (a person who fixes braces), I want to learn more about computers, and stock marketing. I want to have a family when I’m in my late 20’s -young 30’s, this is because I don’t want to have a family and provide them with nothing to live happily with. As far as the place I will live is undecided but I think it will most likely be in the United States, United Kingdom, India, or Canada. I want to live long and healthy, I hopefully will not smoke or be addicted to drinking.

I also want to take my family traveling to meet all their relatives in other countries; I want my kids to enjoy their life just like my parents did to me. My personality is very complex, I’m a kid with a lot of different moods, some of the characteristics of me are I’m talkative, sensitive, sincere, outgoing, shy, temperament, funny, reliable, loyal, intelligent, athletic and creative. I think it’s good that I talk a lot because I get to express myself but then again I think it’s bad because people might not want to know as much.

Being outgoing I think is very important because you can’t be shy all the time, people will find you boring, then again sometimes if your shy girls think you’re cute. Being funny is my strength because it’s the best thing to do when a person is sad, if u be funny they will forget about every thing and start laughing. I’m athletic because I try in basketball, volleyball and baseball; the thing that I’m really good at is swimming. I’m creative because, I like to experiment with different things; I like to see what the outcomes of things are.

So I’m just a regular kid with some strengths and some weaknesses. I’m very attached to my family, friends and god, without the lord himself none of us would be here today, we should really value life and not take it for granted. All of us are given time on this earth, I’m just trying to make a good use of this time, every day that passes by I think about what has happened, how lucky I am to have a home and enough food to keep me healthy.

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