The impact of ICT on person with special particular needs

Many people ubiquitously make use of technologies on a daily basis to run with daily activities. Technologies have caused a massive impact on our working style as they allow us to carry out a number of activities. These activities vary from communicating, for entertainment, guidance and furthermore. Technologies have assisted every individual on the whole whether they are in employment, schools, and if they are facing disability.

Up till now I have described what technologies I make use of and how it causes an impact on my daily life. I have also written a report on how adults in employment utilize several of technologies and an evaluation on how the technologies facilitate them. Subsequently, in this report I will be writing a detailed description on the technologies operated by an individual who is facing physical disability (This is when a person cannot or finds it difficult to move certain body parts I. E hands and legs.

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People who suffer from physical disability are those who cannot walk or move affectively. There disability is due to the extent of the damage to the spine, for example one has the ability to walk but cannot move there hands, there are some cases where people cannot move any body parts, this is only when they are paralysed from the neck downwards. ). This person needs the assistance via ICT and hence this individual is Maria korelli who cannot walk; therefore she is confined to wheelchair.

She works at the Churchill estates housing agency. These agencies initially carry out valuation of properties and sell them on the market associated with Churchill estates agency. Maria korelli makes use of many technologies to assist her in carry out a number of tasks whether it is to word process information using MS word or too move from point A to point B with a specially developed technology such as an electronic wheelchair.

Maria is the receptionist at the South Woodford branch, she needs the assistance of ICT and modern enhanced technology so that her work is easier for her and thus, in this report I will be writing about two categories of technologies Maria korelli utilizes to fulfill numerous of tasks on a daily basis, the category is then subdivided to the actual technology made use of which enables a particular requirement to be achieved.

These tasks can vary from accessing the World Wide Web through web browsers which is the form of internet technology or communicating via Mobile phones which is a communication technology. These are standard technologies which every individual makes use of depending on whether they have access to them. Maria korelli is part of those individual as she also uses standard technologies in achieving her needs and purpose of work carried out by her.

Additionally, Maria Korelli makes use of another category of technology. These are specialized technologies which provide people facing disabilities to run with an array of events devoid of confronting problems. She needs specialized technologies for assistance in working as she is bound to an electronic wheelchair, and therefore she relies on a particular technology that is specialized and is intended to meet the needs of individuals facing disabilities and so is called specialized i. . speech synthesizer. Maria Korelli uses a number of technologies alongside with wheelchair in her daily life. Thus, in this report I will describe in extent, the technologies used by a person with special particular needs. This person I will talk about is Maria Korelli whose life is shaped up with the provident of numerous of technologies which we find in our working environment today and has expanded to a very large extent.

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