If I love you am I trapped forever

‘If I love you am I trapped forever? ‘ by M. E. Kerr is an enchanting, deep, moving story. When I first started reading the book I thought Alan (the lead character) was going to go on about how great, cool, and good-looking he is throughout the whole story. As I read further, I found that he really did get what’s coming to him. The tale is about a 16-year-old boy named Alan, who has everything going for him.

A beautiful girlfriend (Leah), a great mum, a great grandad, he is on the school football team and is the most popular guy in the school, he is “dynamite”! pg. 9) But all that changes when Duncan “Doomed” Stein, a gangly, homely loner, moves to Cayuta, New York and his parents open a place for drying out drunks called rushing brook.. At first, he doesn’t seem a threat to anyone, least of all Alan. But that’s before he publishes his own newspaper, “Remote”, and attracts all the “lonely hearts” at the high school with the anonymous dating ads. Soon everyone at Cayuta High is no longer interested in going steady with each other, but trying to find a more meaningful alternative to love.

Alan and Leah, being the ideal couple, seem immune to this fad, until Alan reads the love letter Doomed has given Leah. Then nothing makes sense to Alan anymore. Besides losing his girlfriend to the biggest dork in school, he has to struggle with the sudden reappearance of his deadbeat father who left his mother when he was a baby, the crush he has on Doomed’s beautiful mother, and the secret affair she has with Alan’s football coach.

The reappearance of his dad all started with a letter asking Alan to visit, which resulted disaster, it all started ok they went for lunch (steak) and talked a little. They then went back to his apartment where Alan met his dad’s wife Pam, who seemed very friendly, and ignored Alan’s dads horrid remarks and criticisms of her. Alan and Pam got on well. The next day his dad was better and a lot more cooperative and Alan realized what he was doing, and decided to try and be his dads friend rather than enemy, but he still refused any money his dad offered except a sports jacket.

Then they went back to the apartment and Alan found a letter from doomed to Leah which made him depressed the rest of the evening, so at dinner him and his dad started arguing which turned into a big fight and tears. The next morning Alan went straight back to cayuta. In the bus station back from the airport Alan saw Catherine stein crying and coach Luther with a bandaged arm in a telephone booth, it wasn’t the first time he had seen them together, he already had some idea about there secret affair.

Catherine got on Alan’s bus and sat with him and they talked and she cried and smoked. It turned out coach Luther had had a fight with El unbelievable (Doomed’s dad) who had ended up in hospital, coach left town, and a new coach filled in, Bo Chayka, who started dating alans mum, alan and leah finished everything between them and leah started going steady with doomed , however the relationship between alan and catherine stein grew stronger as a result of their weekly meetings which the talked of poetry, love etc. when one day catherine ran away never to return to be with her love (coach luther) Alan pretended he didn’t care but nothinhg could stop the tears from rolling down his face. I thought this book was fantastic, it was so spiritual and I have already read it many times. I couldn’t help crying at the end as it is so moving and I recommend it to everyone. You will love it.

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