The Health Benefits of Recreational Sport

People are encouraged to partake in regular physical activity. It is known that consistent physical activity can improve health and wellbeing and reduces the risk of illness and debility. Physical activity can also help to prevent and stop premature death.

a) There are many physical benefits to regular activity. It can prevent cardiovascular diseases, prevention and control of diabetes and improvement in posture. Regular activity can also help prevent osteoporosis along with building and maintaining healthy bones, muscles and joints.

b) There are also social benefits to regular physical activity. These include the improvement in academic work. Many physically fit students recorded higher achievements dude to greater concentration levels. Physical activity can also provide social interaction that helps to build the community and reduce isolation and exclusion.

c) Regular physical activity can also benefit someone because it can reduce depression, anxiety and stress. It can also increase a person’s self-esteem, as well as improving someone’s sleeping habits.

The chosen social group is children/ adolescents (0-17 years). This group was chosen because that group is that group I fit into so it would be easiest for me to show the motivations interests and common health issues.

There are many motivations for this social group. The main motivation for activity of this social group would be to participate in sports of their choice with friends. Friendship is one of the main reasons for children between the ages of 0 – 17 to participate in physical activities. Some children when at a young age are encouraged by their parents to participate in physical activity because it can benefit them in a number of ways such as self esteem and exercise.

The interests of children who play sports may change as they grow. For example younger children are placed in low contact activities by parents to protect them as they grow. As the child gets older their interests in sport may change causing them to want a change in sport. An example of this is a child starting out playing soccer to develop hand eye co-ordination and basic co-ordination moving to rugby as he may have a higher interest in that sport.

Common health issues of this age group are diabetes, obesity, and healthy bone structure. Physical activity can help to prevent obesity because it provides consistent exercise for the child allowing them to stay at a healthy weight. Physical activity also helps to prevent and stop diabetes because it gives exercise allowing the child the best chance to avoid diabetes if exercise is done along with having a balanced healthy diet.

There are many recreation opportunities in the community of Coorparoo. These opportunities include Easts rugby union club which provides team from the ages of Under 7’s up. Another opportunity for children of that age bracket is Coorparoo AFL club which provides teams for ages 8 and older. The main source of recreational activities for this age bracket is school sports programs. For example Villanova provides sports such as rugby, soccer, cricket, volleyball and swimming from grade 5 for most of the sports. Some sports are only played at an elder age, for example volleyball is only available for students in grade 8 and older. The other type of opportunity they provide is the sports program that is used in each student’s time table. It is a compulsory aspect for younger ages but becomes a choice as the students get older.

These opportunities are readily accessible to all people in the community. The registration at East’s rugby union club costs around $250 dollars. This is not overly expensive for a child to receive playing equipments such as shorts jersey and playing socks. The facilities at Villanova College are open to all students who attend the college. This is somewhat inaccessible because the fees to enter the school may be more than some can afford. There however is the sporting program of the state school in Coorparoo, Coorparoo state high school. This allows all member of the community access to sporting facilities and programs.

The recreational opportunities for children ages 0 – 17 in Coorparoo are very good. The community provides a lot of opportunities for the children to participate in physical activities such as rugby or AFL. The only improvement on these programs would be the price to participate in the activity. This is because some families may not have the financial stability to pay the registration cost for their child to participate in sport.

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