Guitar Highway Rose

In the novel Guitar Highway Rose, Brigid Lowry expresses her theme of journey, both physical and emotional and her theme of relationship, both inside and outside school. This is conveyed through many text types such as inner monologue, stream of consciousness, lists, self-portraits, diary/journal entries, letters, conversation, description and first and third person narrative. Asher journeys alone at first but then Rosie and Asher journey together for most of the novel. Rosie and Asher experience and emotional journey while travelling from place to place.

Lowry uses unusual and varied text types allowing the reader to follow the journeys of both characters. In the first few pages, Lowry uses different text types to introduce Rosie Moon. Lowry makes Rosie out to be a typical teenager who wants to be independent. In the theme of journeying and relationships Asher experiences it at the start as he moves to Perth from Byron Bay. These themes were expresses through text types such as first-person narrative and stream of consciousness. Lowry writes, ” not like Byron Bay I wish I was back there”.

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Through his physical journey he also experiences an emotional journey, as he hates it in Perth and wants to go back and live with his father in Byron Bay. He is sad in Perth and miserable. After a while at his new school, Asher is getting into trouble a lot for not obeying the school dress code, this takes him over the edge and he decided to face another journey by running away, back to Byron Bay, but gets caught in Eucla. When he comes back Asher’s relationship with Rosie gets closer, this is expressed through third person narrative.

Rosie and Asher then decide to run away together but not back to Byron Bay, instead they run away up the coast where less people can find them. Their first journey together starts off from a bus stop in Perth. This also is the beginning of the intimate relationship. They travel a little way but get so tired they stay the night at the Sea breeze Hotel in Geraldton. Lowry uses again stream on consciousness and first person narrative to show us their emotional journey along the way.

The next day a trucker called John Diamond stops and picks the pair up, which shows another physical journey. That night Asher and Rosie camp out. This is used in the text type first person narrative. Even though the pair doesn’t know what they are doing or where they are headed, they are both very happy to be there together. You can see this as Lowry writes, “I’m glad you came too, that’s all”. While Asher and Rosie are hitchhiking along the road a happy family (Star, Leo and Angel) are driving along and stop to pick them up.

This gets conveyed through third person narrative as it quotes “Couple of kids hitchhiking. They look pretty groovy, might as well give them a ride”. Instead of Star dropping Rosie and Asher off at some place she decides to let them stay with her family for a few nights, and camp out with them. This shows their physical journey along the road as they travel from one place to another but it also indicates an emotional journey for Asher and Rosie and they get closer and closer. This also shows their relationship and how it grows stronger just by being with each other.

This is used in third person narrative when Asher says “her smile lights up the night”, this positive image shows their intimacy and the fondness growing between them. Their next relationship and physical journey ends when Rosie and Asher get caught by the police and are sent to sleep in cells for the night. This makes their relationship very difficult as they miss each other so much and haven’t been separated from one another in the past week; this makes them feel very insecure.

For there emotional journey, it doesn’t help when Rosie and Asher are separated into separate cells for the night, Ass they travel back in the police care back home, Rosie and Asher experience another emotional and physical journey when they policeman falls asleep at the wheel and crashes the car. Rosie and Asher are rushed to hospital where they are again separated except for when Asher comes and visits her. At the end of the novel Asher and Rosie are doing just fine and are allowed to see each other, you find this out through Harry’s stream of consciousness when he thinks, “Get this.

Asher is Rosie’s boyfriend now”. This shows the last of their relationship, but it shows that they end up together. The text types that I have mentioned in the novel have played a major part in trying to figure out and experience what goes on in Rosie and Asher’s mind. It gave us a real insight into what teenage girls and boys think and talk about. Through the themes of journeying and relationships it shows us through many techniques how Rosie and Asher both experience and go through their journey and relationship together.

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