Should Fatty Foods be taxed

Of course the introduction of the fat tax, doesn’t instantly ensure that obesity levels and overweight issues will immediately drop and that medical problems related to obesity will suddenly disappear, but it does increase the average persons incentive to stop and think about what they are doing to themselves and become aware of the dangers they inflict on their bodies. The increased price of a muffin compared to maybe a fruit salad costing half the price and carrying half the calories, is bound to appeal more then a stodgy, fat packed, mound of dough destined to morph you into its twin.

I mean I’m not trying to make you think that a single, tiny, little muffin will immediately turn you into Mr. Blobby,- but combine together all those single, tiny, little muffins and the outcome I assure you- will not be to your advantage or pleasure. Even though you may be as thin as a been pole and weigh less then the average person, it doesn’t mean that you can stuff your face with as much ‘junk’ food as you wish just because it doesn’t show- for though you may not gain in weight or size- the cholesterol and your sugar intake will greatly affect your body. Heart attacks for example, are direct consequences of high cholesterol intake.

I mean have any of you ever looked inside your kettle? – if you have, you’ll have noticed that it is coated in layers of hard, brittle, solid lime scale which in due course will clog up the spout and stop the flow of water. – Now- imagine exactly the same scenario but this time instead of a kettle, your arteries and instead of lime scale, cholesterol. The cholesterol clogs up your arteries and like lime scale, solidifies. After a while the layers may grow so thick that pieces may break off and may block the flow of blood- preventing the blood reaching the heart and voila- you have a heart attack!….

Of course, in this case- we don’t have the option of running out to the shops and buying a new life. It’s just not worth it. You would have thought that we would have learnt through our own misery or at least that of others, that these tragedies can so easily be averted. This debate on whether fatty foods should be taxed should not be taking place- there are so much more important issues to be dealing with- but instead we spend our time trying to fight a battle which we started though ignorance and our continuing refusal to grasp with reality.

In the average medium or lower class family in the UK, the case may be that either both parents work full time or part time jobs -and at the same time look after a family at home. Seriously- Say you were one of these parents. After a whole day’s hellish slog in the office or work place- would you honestly look forward to rushing home to prepare a large, time consuming- though nutritious, meal for your kids? Of course not! When given the options of that or an easy, no hassle meal of pizza or fish and chips, most of you will definitely go towards the pizza- and who can blame you?…

But- this is not a sustainable or at least a helpful solution to the problem. You may say that producers have begun to take into consideration this matter- companies such as Birds Eye have recently started producing microwavable meals for children- which hold all the ingredients necessary for a healthy balanced diet. I suppose this does solve the problems of quick easy meals at low cost which provide healthier lifestyles- But these may still cost more then a MacDonald’s happy meal so the appeal is limited and consumers still go towards the cheap junk options.

However if a tax upon such foods were to be put in place, people would move towards the other. The Fat tax doesn’t mean living like a rabbit- eating carrots and lettuce for the rest of your life and banning chocolate and burgers. – All it is a way to lessen our fatty intake. Personally- I don’t think I could live without the odd chocolate or pizza – and the government doesn’t expect you to do this. They just want the best for us. Is it so hard to eat sensibly and healthily? all we need to do is have a varied diet with a bit of everything- a little bit of chocolate is ok- and a little pizza too- just not in excess and the tax will give us that needed encouragement to put us on the right track. Help yourselves, help your loved ones and uphold the fatty tax. Thank you. Conclusive speech The opposition can produce as many facts, figures and opposing arguments as possible to taxing fatty foods- but the truth stands that we live in a bulging society and either we act upon it with methods such as the tax on fatty foods proposed and diet schemes or… ell- what? I am almost certain that every member in this country has been affected by the diseases and disorders caused by either being obese or over weight or have been affected through the suffering of those around you- whether they be heart attacks, diabetes, depression or even bullying. We are in favour or anything which in any way condemns the causes of obesity and creates ways to solve the problems which are around us now.

Speak to ANY of those people who have suffered from their diets and you will find that they will all wish that they had acted other wise and lived life healthier. And then think of those who you cannot speak to- because for them- it is too late. We have given you as many reasons as we can to influence you- but, that’s all we can do- In the end the government, National Health Service, the doctors, nurses, friends and relatives, can only give you advice upon the matter and cannot force you to live life safely.

We can impose as many taxes upon food, post as many posters and threaten you with as many disastrous outcomes as possible, but what is the point if you don’t have the initiative? Think of those who have suffered- think of those who are suffering and think of yourself and the people who are to suffer. Take the initiative- as I am sure you will, and act in favor of the fatty tax.

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