How effective is the advert for its audience and do you think it is a success

This advert is called “Bedtime Stories”; it is produced by the Department of the Environment which is a Government agency. It was first shown on the 17th October at 7:30pm which is prime time viewing and it cost £6 million to promote of our money. In the advert there is a father who is telling his little girl a bedtime story about CO2 destroying our planet.

At first the little girl has a happy face but then when her father starts to read her face changes and she looks upset and innocent, as she realises that this story many not “have a happy ending. Some people dislike this advert because parents seeing it and think all the pressure is on them and it is emphasising that they have to save the planet for there kids. In the establishing shot we are in a cosy middle class family house, the camera starts on the landing with dark shadows across it in to a child’s bedroom with piano music playing in the background which we associate with a horror film which makes us want to carry on watching.

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When you start watching the advert you don’t know what it is about because it isn’t an ordinary advert about saving the world. Across the landing we can see a father and his daughter reading a bed time story and they look venerable. The camera zooms in slowly we are at there level seeing it from a child’s point of view. The camera then cuts to inside the bedroom, we see a father telling his little daughter a Bedtime Story. They are both sitting on the bed, the fathers arm is around the little girl comforting and protecting her.

We see that this girl has a beam of light shinning on her so they are emphasising that it is the children that are going to suffer then we get a close up of her face and she looks very innocent and angelic. In her bedroom there is a panda which is the symbol of the World Wide Fund, the panda looks floppy and depressed which might symbolise about pandas going extinct and there habitat is been destroyed and they haven’t got enough food to eat. The window curtains also have animals on them.

On the chest of draws there is Noah’s ark a big boat which 2 of every animal went on when God sent great floods, this could be caused by the polar ice caps melting and raising the sea level and causing floods. Behind the bed there is a picture of the sun shinning with blue skies and fluffy clouds which I a good day and children like nice sunning days because it makes them happy. We then get another close up of the little girls face, she is very cute, she has a little face, blonde hair, blue eyes and she looks innocent, nai?? ve, and angelic and she has that look in her face that she doesn’t know what is going on.

In side the book all the animals are upset which is unexpected in a children’s book, the animals are very child like so that children can relate to it. There are many animals down by the dried up river bed, there is no water and there is rubbish lying the base of the river. The camera cuts back to the little girl she doesn’t look worried or unhappy. It then goes back to the book and zooms in on a little rabbit which is crying because there is no water in the river. The camera cuts back to the little girl and she starts to look worried and distressed.

The camera goes back to the book and we see and English town with people using ever day thing and we see the CO2 particles floating up in to the atmosphere making a massive scary face in the sky made from CO2. The little CO2 particles that were making the big CO2 were moving which shows it is real and happening now. The voice over said “the CO2 was getting dangerous” the tone had changed to a more sinister voice and the music had become frightening, the father sounds very trust worthy and serious and not lying, it makes the listeners sound sorry for the little girl because she doesn’t now what is happening but we do.

We get a shot of the father and daughter sitting in bed reading the story, there is a shadow behind the dad shaped like devil horns which make him look evil and the horns get bigger and darker which is scary and unpleasant to the view. This is because his carbon footprint is deeper then hers. The light is still shinning on the little girl. The camera cuts back into the book, the tone of the voice over becomes more sinister, “there were awful heat waves in some parts and terrible storms in others. ” There is a town and everything is flooded, there is a pub called “The World’s End”.

It is called that because of all the CO2 the weather is changing and it is getting dangerous, so if we keep on going as we are and not doing thing to stop using CO2 then it will be then end of the world and it will the younger generation that will suffer. There is a little dog trying to stay afloat in the floods but it can’t and it starts to drown, the little girl puts her finger on the page to try and save the dog. We get another shot of the little girl; her face is very distressed and upset. The voice over then tells us where all the CO2 is coming from.

We see a little girl in the story book turning of the lights in the house and she is wearing the same pyjamas as the little girl who is reading the book. At the side of the road there is a car which looks scary because it has headlights like eyes and the grid on the front of the car looks like scary teeth. The camera cuts back to the little girl we get an extreme close up of her face and eyes and she is starting to look happier and all the shadows have disappeared which symbolises that there is hope for the future.

The camera goes back to the landing, we are still seeing it from a Childs point of view but it is lighter then it was at the beginning of the advert. The little girl turns to her dad and asks in a very innocent squeaky voice “is there going to be a happy ending? ” there is no reply to her question. She looks up to her dad for an answer because he is older and more knowledgeable. The female voice over says “it’s up to us how the story end’s. ” It then cuts to a page showing us the act on CO2 symbol which is a cartoon foot. At the bottom of the page it tell us to go to there website to find out more information on how we can save our planet.

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