Diet pepsi adverts

I am going to deconstruct two Diet pepsi adverts, 1950’s and modern one. I am doing this because I want to see what they say about the societies they were published into. In the 1950’s advert the central protagonist shows herself to be skinny and pretty. The way she is sat, implies that if you drink this drink it will make you thin. The gesture code implies that she is relaxed and enjoying life and this is partly down to diet pepsi.

The mode of address is saying she’s enjoying the sun and that she doesn’t care about anything else. hey’re used a good looking person on the advert because people want to identify themselfs with her and it also reflects the target audience. It is set in a harbour on a sunny day, the background doesn’t detract from the central image. The bottle of pepsi sits next to her. It is life size to prove it is part of her everyday life. The second model on the advert is a man who is interested in the woman the implicit meaning in that you will be more attractive if you drink diet pepsi

There is not a lot of witting on this advert, its because people were not so sophisticated at reading adverts. The head line is written in the style of hand witting because it makes it more personal. The hand writing suggest that the target audience are younger women who want to lose weight. The second advert is the contemporary advert. The central protagonist is young and sexy woman. she has a short skirt on and a short top on. She is using a direct mode of address to pull you into the advert.

The gesture code is very sexual to attract you to the advert. They have used a young pretty model because it will attract you straight away and it attracts the opposite sex. The background is of a kitchen witch to stereotypically an image associated with woman. There is so little colour in the background of the advert so it doesn’t detract from the central image (The woman). The logo is found in the corner because that is where other adverts put their logo’s. There is white typography on blue background because it is the colours of pepsi brand.

The product is not on this advert because people there days are more sophisticated and everyone knows the Pepsi logo. They use colloquial language so people can relate with it. My conclusion is that the differences between the both adverts is a lot such as the 1950s advert did not use colloquial language, the produced was shown, the model was less sexual and in the modern advert the model is more sexual and a lot colloquial language to attract the target audience and the product was not shown.

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