The Day It Happened Alex Macintyre

Rosario Morales, the author of The Day It Happened, tells the story of a woman leaving her abusive husband. In this day in age, it is important for people to read stories such as this. Today there are many people being abused physically and/or emotionally by their spouse. The Day It Happened is a perfect example of the results and problems that an abusive partner can cause.

In this short story, a woman named Josie is abused by her husband Ramon. All of their neighbors in the apartment building are aware of this mistreatment. After becoming pregnant, Josie realizes the danger involved in staying with Ramon. When consulting with her friends, Josie decides to pack up and leave. Being sure to give her goodbye’s, she and her neighbors waited for him to get home from work. After a while, Ramon came walking down the street towards the apartment not knowing what he was in for. After Josie confessed she was leaving him, Ramon, unexpectedly, dropped to his knees and begged for his wife back. Josie said what needed to be said and drove away in the taxi.

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In my own personal opinion, I believe Josie made the correct decision. No matter how much you love someone you must not put yourself or your child in danger. In my lifetime, I have met and heard of several people who have been badly treated by parents, friends, spouses, and others. This short story helps me, as well as other readers, to become more aware of how serious abuse can be. As I read this story I learn to appreciate relationships and interaction between humans as a species.

This story sparked a personal interest of our species and how we interrelate with one another. Reading literature such as this helps me to better myself for current and future relationships. I learn to appreciate our social skills and develop an understand of what I have no desire in becoming.

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