Compare “Follower” and “Digging”

In the both poems Heaney reveals that he has an agricultural background running through his family, in “follower” he only talks about his father’s generation being a father and in “digging” he talks about himself, his father and his grand father being diggers. In both poems the author talks about himself watching his past generations farming and explains that they are very skilled. Both poems are very alike in some ways like these, but for example in “Follower” Heaney says that the boy was always a nuisance to his father “tripping, falling, yapping always.

On the other hand, in “digging” the boys talks about his father and grandfather how they are so skilled, but he seems to appreciate their skills and look up to them but he wants to follow something different in life, ” but I’ve no spade to follow men like them, Between my finger and my thumb, the squat pen rests, I’ll dig with it” this extract makes it sound like he wants to dig up some history of some sort, maybe family history, that isn’t supposed to be known about.

In this poem both father and son talk about how good their fathers can handle a spade. In “Follower” the boy thinks his father of “an expert” . The father didn’t seem very generous with the child; “sometimes he rode me on his back” the boy says this as if it were a real treat. The boy in this poem wants to grow up and be just like his father “I wanted to grow up and plough. Throughout the whole poem, the boy talks about wanting to be like his father and how he followed his father around all the time, but at the end of the poem the boy has to help his father, because he has grown elderly “But today, it is my father who keep stumbling behind me, and will not go away” from this quote I get the impression that the boy doesn’t want to look after his father, or doesn’t know how, because he is not used to it, but from the expression “and will not go away” it gives me a strong suspicion that the boy now does not want to look after his father.

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