Billy Leaves Home

Billy found it hard getting along at home or even at school, at school he didn’t hang out with anyone, he didn’t have any friends. He got into a fight with McDowel, one of his brothers friends. Were as at home he doesn’t get along with his brother and doesn’t have a good relationship with his mother, she was always going out and had no concern for him, Jud was mean and a bully and always picked on Billy.

Billy had no one to look up to for some support. After Jud killed Billy’s bird, he couldn’t handle any more in his life. One afternoon when Billy finished school he went into the formers land for a walk feeling down and unhappy and thought to him self. Later that afternoon he went home, his mom was ironing her clothes for going out that night and Jud was sleeping after coming home early from work as he went out the night before.

While Billy was waiting for his mom to go out he read his book. His mother left leaving a few pennies on the side for Billy to get something to eat. Billy decided to leave home, he stood up very quietly and went into his room were his brother was sleeping he walked carefully across the room trying not to wake his brother to reach for his bag and pack his clothes, squeezing past the cupboard and bed and dodging his brothers shoes and clothes.

He made it out without Jud waking up, he looked round the house for anything he could take and went into his moms bedroom to see if he could find any loose change to take but there wasn’t much, he picked his kestrel book up put it in his bag, seconds later he heard a movement coming from his room Jud was waking up, Billy quietly and swiftly ran out the house picking the pennies his mother left for him, leaving all the doors open. Jud woke up and called Billy but no reply came back.

Billy went for sure and didn’t come back for awhile. He stayed by the formers land in the forest he soon found him self a small piece of foam wedged in a some hedges, he used it as bedding as well as dried up leaves that had fallen from trees. Billy knew he didn’t have much money to live on so he continued to deliver papers and the pay from delivering papers was all he had and ever now and then he stole sweats, chocolates and drink.

Billy’s mom came home day after day thinking that Billy was out playing with mates and didn’t think to see why he wasn’t coming home. One day Billy heard people walking through the forest it was Jud and McDowel Billy immediately had butterflies in his stomach, he lay flat down on the ground but McDowel spotted him although he didn’t say anything. As they walked past and were out of sight Billy sighed of relief.

Later that day McDowel came back and wanted to have a fight with Billy, Billy had enough of people bullying and teasing him, so Billy decided to stand up for him self. Billy heard someone coming it was McDowel his stomach filled with fear and started to panic, he decided to climb a tree to hide from McDowel, McDowel slowly walking, looking out for Billy but the dry dead leaves just crunched under his feet every step he took. What do you want” Billy said softly, McDowel jumped, shocked “were are you, you little sod ” McDowel said “it doesn’t matter were I am what do you want” Billy said, McDowel coming closer to were he heard the voice” I want you a fight” McDowel said, “there is no point I’ve run away from home so bugger off now” Billy said McDowel saw Billy and shouted “you better get down here were I can get you” “if you want me you will have to come and get me” Billy said, McDowel couldn’t climb a tree and said “fine I’ll sit here until you come down you cant stay up there for ever” “all right then” Billy said.

McDowel and Billy spoke that day up until the evening when McDowel gave up and had calmed down “alright then you’ve won but Jud is still after you from that horse race and your mom is beginning to wonder were you are, she’s going out tonight so I wouldn’t bother going round until the morning when you can talk to her” “how do you know” Billy said “I was at your house today” McDowel said, McDowel walked off.

That night Billy’s mom was so drunk walking home she fell against a shop window and set the alarm off, she was put under arrest and stayed over night in a cell. Billy that night was walking along the street alone and was attacked by three people. Early that morning he was found and went straight to the hospital were he was being treated, Billy’s mom returned home that morning from the police with a warning, she knew nothing about Billy incident.

A doctor took Billy home that afternoon with no serious injuries although a few bruises, the doctor walked in the house with Billy, Billy’s mom came through and saw Billy’s face and gave him a hug. The doctor from what Billy had told him realised that Billy was not getting enough care and support from his mother; he told Billy’s mother what happened to him. The next few days she thought about everything and spoke to her children if they wanted to move away and start fresh they all agreed to move on, although they didn’t find out who attacked Billy that night.

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