Analyse, review, compare and comment on the features used in advertisements

The purpose of advertising is used to sell or promote ideas effectively to a target audience. Advertising is everywhere around us: it can make the seller or manufacturer of a product communicate with consumers. Advertising can be used to send out information; which will influence the buyer’s choice in its simplest form. I am going to examine some of the ways in which these purposes are achieved.

Advertising can benefit us with an impression of persuasion, which is attached to that certain brand. They can give us and idea for which target audience the product is attracting (e.g. Female, male, teenager, pensioner etc).

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The Pampers Advert

Who is it aimed at? When we think of the Pampers advert we assume it is aimed mostly at mothers with a baby.

What is being advertised? Buyers know that new Pampers nappies are being advertised: as the product could give your baby comfort it needs.

Where or when will this ad appear in order to reach its target audience? This advert might appear on daytime TV or in the morning, when mothers at home looking after their children are usually watching TV.

Why does this ad help sell a product? The Pampers advert help sell a product because there are always cute babies and their mothers help appeal to many mothers with babies themselves. Things that are shown adverts which can appeal to mothers, is that the cute babies are happy wearing their nappies.

Beck’s Beer Advert

Who is it aimed at? As Beck’s is a type of beer, it is mostly going to be aimed at men as beer is considered as a masculine drink.

What is being advertised? We make out that Beck’s beer is being advertised and that the merchandise is a refreshing alcoholic drink.

Where or when will this ad appear in order to reach its target audience? The advert is more expected to appear in the evening when men are watching late night TV. Beer adverts also often appear before action films that are being shown on TV.

Why does this ad help sell a product? In the advert they are more likely to use attractive model or typical men that like going to the pub and watching football.

Some advertisements are effective to us because they can deal with our social needs such as self importance, rich lifestyles, glamorous place etc.

Commercials often create an emotional environment that draws you into the advertisement and makes you feel good yourself. The McDonald’s adverts, for instance features father and daughter eating out together these make us feel more attracted by products that make us feel good.

For example when kids are advertising a toy, they children modelling the product are often a bit older and more perfect than the target audience. They try to be role models for the audience and make them want to be like them, for instance if an ad was targeting 8 year olds they will show 11 or 12 year old playing with 8 year olds toy.

My ChapStick advert is aimed at women or young girls because it is a type of make up. The new range of ‘True Shimmer’ Lip balm is highlighted in this ad which persuades the readers the product is worth buying because your lips will ‘sparkly and shimmer’. This ad is more likely to be found in women or teenagers magazines as they are more interested in buying make up. The advert makes people feel they can look at good as the ChapStick in the ad itself, if you use there product as it is portrayed in a way to look luxurious and high maintenance.

In this advert are four lip balms centred in the middle of the advertisement with a black background to make the lip balms stand out; the white text also stands out on the black background. The main products looked animated as they are dress as sparkly outfits in the spotlight, they almost come to life like they are on stage modelling with the text also relating to the image as it says ‘Introducing Chapstick True Shimmer’ This makes it look even more real.

The sort of language that is used is many persuasive words such as ‘introducing’ and ‘beautiful’, this can show what benefits the product has to offer as well and an attention-grabbing snappy slogan ‘Never let you lips go naked’. This slogan suggests that you must wear a product like ‘ChapStick’ on your lips or they will look naked! An advertisement uses a lot of direct address such as ‘your’ as it is a short, active word as a way to order the buyer to buy the product. This tells me that the slogan is very effective and makes me decide if I would consider in buying this product.

The text is in a small girly print, there is not much text as they are focusing so much on the bold image that really takes up a wide range of space in the advert. The caption at the bottom of the page tells us that the product will give your lips a radiant shine which is in bold writing which corresponds to the sparkly bright image. The glitzy image and the catchy, snappy slogan make’s the advert memorable, as you didn’t have to think what the advert is about because it is right there. The message that is being conveyed is that your lips won’t look good without a product like ChapStick on your lips.

My Sony Ericsson advert is aimed both at men and women as it is a stylish unisex mobile phone. The image is of a phone with a singer popping out of the phone screen, along with a purple background. When I first look at this ad my attention is drawn into the stylish phone and the singer coming out of it. As a connotation it tells me that the music on the phone is high-quality and sound like you’re almost at a live concert yourself listening to the music. The title of the advert ‘I I stylish sounds’ makes you remember the product because it uses it logo in the title.

In the advert the sleek phone is takes up most of the print advertisement, but also there is two other images of the other colours the phone comes in. this intentionally, could attract a wide audience since it shows other colour if silver is not your type of colour. The purple vibrant background also makes it attractive as you would feel to stop and look to see what the advert is all about. Purple is a very unique, passionate colour many people don’t use so seeing it in a print advertisement makes it eye-catching.

The language in this advert is very simple and not much as an order, it uses white text to make it stand out more and has the company name repeated on the top right-hand side and the bottom centre which will make you remember what the product is called and what other things it has to offer. When it describes the phones features it uses statistics such as ‘1,800 of your favourite songs’ which will appeal to people as you can store a large amount of songs on your phone. The advertisement doesn’t really have a slogan, it just has the Sony Ericsson at the bottom of the ad, this suggest that it really doesn’t need a slogan to persuade you to buy the product as it is that good.

I have learnt that advertising is a good way to promote and persuade customers to purchase or consume your type of product, they best way to get these messages across it by television, radio, cinema, magazines, newspapers, internet etc. Mostly anyway normal people use in there everyday life. I also hope to have shown how adverts can reach there target audience and what can make them eye-catching and convince them into buying the product. I have also shown the purpose on why we use advertisements today; this is because there is so many medium around to promote it in society. I hope you can understand my views and points which make advertising so successful such as the uses of language and image.

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