A New Awareness

A very current dilemma in our society has been the abduction of children. Many think this has always been a problem but it just happens to be more obvious now. I think something should be done. If it’s always been an issue, then why is it just now being solved? I do believe, though, that because many more people are becoming aware of this concern, solutions are being made. When an event begins to instill fear in people’s minds, such as parents in this case, you normally see a decrease in the given crisis.

Many foundations, associations, and even web-sites are working their hardest to recover these missing children and I hope their efforts aren’t going unnoticed. One of the most interesting, but common, fact of child abduction is that the abductor is usually a relative. Nearly half of abducted children are taken by family members. According to the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS), only a quarter of abductions are actually strangers. So, most of these heart-breaking stories were created by angry family members that are closest to the child.

The majority of the time, abductions are the result of unhappy outcomes of custody cases. There are, however, the other half of child abduction cases, some from strangers and acquaintances. Though these statistics may be scary, it is comforting to know people are working on this problem. Jennifer Lee, journalist for The New York Times, said, “Technology is the key to success these days, especially in finding children. ” I can’t even imagine how one would find a person that just disappeared without the resources there are today.

Internet is the biggest contribution to solving child abduction cases. There are hundreds of informative sites that will link you to anything from pictures of missing children to safety tips to teach your child. With technology, the choices are unlimited. Another example of aide through technology is the fairly new Amber Alert System. This is a huge milestone in the search for ending child abduction. The partnership of law enforcement and Emergency Alert System through the Amber Alert has brought many abducted or kidnapped children safely home.

The success rate of the Amber Alert System has only increased since 1996, the year it was established. I think the keys to the system are immediacy and urgency. The less time that passes the better chance of recovering the child. One of the most inspiring forms of fixing the problem of child abduction is the organizations. These programs were established not in self-interest, but to find other people’s children. Through these non-profit organizations, such as the Klass Foundation or the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children, the problem of more abduction cases is slipping away.

In conclusion, if someone were to ask me randomly if I thought child abductions are decreasing, I would agree. Now that Americans are conscious of the problem they are taking precautions and they’re making it a priority to support the ending of child abduction. Sadly, not all child abduction cases are solved but I find it comforting to know that there is help out there and that they want to find your child as much as you do. Child abduction is no longer just a crime against children; it’s an offense to America’s beliefs. I’m glad people are starting to realize that.

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