Situation 6 year old girl child

In this assessment am going to explaining four different cases and am going to be answering question for example how there got there, where there are, who is going to care for them and what are there roles, Who is going to make sure the carers are doing thing right / CRB checks and What activity are you going to take with them, Am going to include the legislation to back up my answers. I will be using names in each situation but there are not real name to protects confidently for the real people

Situation 6 year old girl child

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A 6 year old child who lives with a single parent mother, she is addicted to drugs and also an alcoholic who leaves alcohol bottles all around the house. She does not care for her child; she brings different men in and out the house and sleeps with them for money. The mother physically abuses the child she hits her when ever she is in a bad mood. The child goes to school takes off her jumper and she has scars all over her arms, the teacher calls the parents and the mother said she fell so the teacher calls social service, social service pays visit to her house there found the house dirty with empty alcohol bottles all over the house. So base on the evidence there collected social service goes and request for a court order from the court to take the child and put her in foster care and the court agree because there can see the child is in real danger where she is.

What is a foster care/ and what are there roles?

Foster care is where a child goes if there are not safe where there are before so there can look for a safe place till social service finds a permanent place for them. The foster career is going to be the one looking after the child there going to make sure the child is safe and is being educated in line with every child matters and health and safety act 1974. It’s a private home where the child will go and its up to the career if there want to send pictures to the parents, sometimes a family member teacher or even a family friends can foster a child. Foster care is intended to be a short term situation until there found a permanent place sometimes the parents can even get there child back if there prove there are fit enough to look after there child.

Roles of a foster career

A foster career has to provide love, comfort, listening, patience, food, clothing and warmth, and encouraging interests and hobbies. There have to ensuring that the children are cared for in a home where they are safe from harm or abuse. Helping children keep themselves safe from harm or abuse, and to know how to seek help if their safety is threatened. Acting as an advocate for each child, enabling children and young people who are moving on to do so in a positive manner, there are also going to be working with other professional people and contribute to the Departments planning for the child/young person. A very important rule there going to be doing is being willing to meet the child’s parents and family, encouraging regular contact with them to help the child return home.

Receiving, giving and storing information including writing agreements, planning and record keeping. There going to have to communicate effectively with the child for example if a child is having relationship there going to be the new parents of the child and what ever the child tells them the have to keep the information confidential and Make sure the children are getting education, according to ‘Every Child Matters aims to bring about root-and-branch reform of children’s services

At every level to ensure that children and young people achieve five main outcomes. They should:

Be healthy, Stay safe, Enjoy and Achieve; Make a positive contribution and Achieve economic wellbeing’ (department for children schools and families, 11 may 2011). This legislation makes sure that the children are been looked after.

The local authority should make sure the foster career is fit themselves to look after her for example making sure the career has done CRB checks. There should also have someone that comes in to work with her in for example a youth worker because she will need someone to talk to her and help her get her life back to normal. The youth worker can take her out where she can also meet children her age so she can make friends for example a play centre. The child safeguarding and promoting welfare is family history functioning because the young girl has been through a lot with her family so the youth worker has to be aware of that and need to make her feel he/she is friendly.


Am going to be explaining all the points of a foster care home, I will be looking at the positive and the negative and will be concluding my overall point on foster care from researched and what I have seen. Forster is good because it gives children have a safe home and someone to look after them. The children will receive, love, comfort, patience and would be feed. Foster is also a good thing because if there wasn’t any forester career then children will keep getting the same treatment there were getting at home before there left to come into care and some of this treatment were very rush for a young person to take for example sexual abuse physical abuse and even emotional abuse most children who go into forester care have suffered from neglect so there would need to feel wanted again, this is why foster care is so important in a young person life.

The children in foster care are normally very happy to be there because of all the treatment there was getting at home. This is in line with every child matters that the child should be healthy physically, mentally and sexually, staying safe form neglect and bullying, enjoying and achieving, making a positive contribution and achieving economic well-being some foster care will make sure that the child will get all this things and support in a foster. When a child is in foster there will normally be very quiet because wouldn’t want to trust anyone because of what has happen to them in the past. So the career is going to find it very hard to brake that because lack of trust this can sometimes be a very good thing for the foster to speak to the child and want to get to know the child in a personal way so that the child can feel there are home instead of a strangers house.

But on the other hand it can be also a negative because foster care is a short term care so if the child opens up to his/her foster careers and would have to move this will make the next career life ten times harder then it was before because children get emotionally attached and all there have been through to have someone taken a way that they really like it will hurt them and there wouldn’t know how to deal with it so there just not going to trust anyone else. The CRB check is very useful but does not tell the employer 100% about there record because if the employee took a CRB and committed a crime after it will not show up on the CRB because a CRB is updated every 3 years so CRB is not a 100% trusted. Some foster careers already have children of there own so when a child comes in some careers will treat the children all the same but on the other hand some will treat there own children a lot better then there will treat the other child.

Foster care can be a negative because if the child that has been fostered is leading there own child to do wrong there will kick him out and this child will be left alone with no more support and would must likely to turn to crime in the future because to find him another home will be very hard. Social service does not have many foster careers so for every child that gets a home is lucky. My overall conclusion on a foster care is a positive because children are suffering from all types of abuse and would need somewhere to go and be part of a family.

Situation 15 year old residential care home

Dean leaves with both his parents as the only child, He is involved in a lot of gang activity for example selling drugs (cannabis) his dad physically abuses him everyday, he is also suffering from emotional abuse i.e. mother saying ‘I wish you was never born, your destroying the family’. His parents are always telling him to stop coming back so late, he would leave in the morning and come back in really late at night, so his parents warned him that if he carriers on then there will kick him out. He misses school; teacher’s always call home and ask why he didn’t attend school today. Dean and his father have very physical fights and the mother is unable to stop them so it carries on for hours. He also smokes and his dad found out and said he couldn’t take it anymore so he kicks him out, the mother calls social service to come take him because there are unable to control him.

Residential care home

Residential care is for people who can not continue living in their own home. You can stay in a residential care for a short time or long term until you are 18 and after 18 you will be given your own flat. In a residential you would stay in a comfortable furnished room. In a residential staffs are usually available 24 hours a day. Residential care home normally provides accommodation for up to 25 youth in one building. There each have there own room but will have to share the kitchen and bathroom with others living there. Every residential has a time where all the young people have to be in there rooms so that the care workers know where everyone is at night. If you don’t meet this time you could get kicked out after the second warning.

Who are care workers / what are there roles?

In a residential care home there are normally staffs that live in the building and are available if needed 24 hour a day. The staffs that are going to care for young people in a residential care home are care workers. A care worker will support Deans day to day needs for example making sure his happy in care; there will provide him with a comfortable and safe environment to live in, activities real interest and enjoyment. The care workers make sure he has his privacy and dignity and there will give him support for his physical, spiritual, intellectual, emotional and social needs, the care worker will also make sure Dean get’s his pocket money every week.


Dean will also be getting support from a youth worker. Dean his been through a lot and would need a lot of help for example stopping smoking, he will need cancelling to help him stop, because he has a temper there should get him involved in some anger management group so he knows how to control his temper in the future. Dean is only 15 years old the youth worker should also be working with the parents so he can return home ASAP, there can send them pictures and inform them on the progress he is making. The youth worker should be a youth/ young adult (ages between 18-25 years old) because young people relate more to each other then adults and young people would, he will feel more comfortable as well.

The youth worker should take him out so he can meet other younger people for example a youth club. The youth worker needs to make sure that he is attending school and is staying there till the end of each day this is in line with every child matters because every child has rights to education and need to feel and be safe. The child safeguarding and promoting welfare is family social and relationship because he has been disconnected from his family and this will make him not want to be socially active because he will feel let down because his parents gave up on him so he is going to try test everyone else that comes so the youth worker has to give him time.

The youth worker should make sure he introduce him to everyone because he wouldn’t want to talk to anyone he doesn’t know himself, so the youth worker would need him to get involved in the youth club and with other young people so he is not at home all day, this will help his self- esteem boost up. The youth worker should also do activities with dean for example going out and doing sports he likes for example playing football with him and get him to socialise with others.

Dean should also be giving pocket money because this will teach him self-discipline and for him to learn how to start dealing with money, it will make him think before he spends his money because he might want to buy something that is too much so given his money so he has to learn how not to over spend his money because he is not going to get until the week this will make him think about the more important in life .i.e. food and cloths.

The youth worker can support him on his school home work so he doesn’t feel alone he always has somebody that can support with everything he does. Because dean his been through a lot his going to need a personal help and by the youth worker playing the role of a older brother not a father this will help his life a lot.

The local authority has to make sure everyone that is a care worker has a CRB check before there start working. All the careers must have all the qualification needed and all have received a full training. The local authority can come in to do check to make sure the house is clean and to see if the young people are safe. There should also do a feedback form where the youth people can fill in to see how well the support there getting from the careers is. Local authority should also make sure the CRB is updated every 3 years and the staffs get training every 6 mouths.


Am going to be explaining all the points of a residential care home, I will be looking at the positive and the negative and will be concluding my overall point on residential care from researched and what I have seen. Residential care home has many positive and negative am going to start with positive a residential care home is good because it teaches young people to have responsibility and to look after them from a very young age, there would so learn home to deal with money and ways to spend it. In a residential you have to share the kitchen and the bathroom this will show the young people to share and to wait there turn.

Residential care if very good because all of the young children that are in care have been through a lot and don’t have homes to go to so giving them a home will really help there life that’s why residential is so important. According to Maslow hierarchy of need shelter it at the foundation and if one of the most important he also talks about a child need to have food to live. Residential provides a child with money so there can get food and to buy other things like clothes and bathroom things .i.e. washer gel. A residential care home is good for young people because you have a time when you have to come in this will show them self-discipline there would learn not to travel at night.

A residential care home is good because there live among other young people so there would find it easier to make friends and to socialise. The fact that young children that come in to residential care home are young teenager this is also a positive thing because the careers can start to teach them how to be young adults for example looking after them self, cooking, cleaning a maintaining a clean room. CRB check is very important because this will inform the local authority who to employ or not.

In a residential care home everyone is treated the same because everyone gets there own rooms and have to share bathroom and kitchen this is in line with UN convention on the rights of the child according to this legislation ‘The Convention recognises the human rights of children, defined as any person under the age of 18. It is the only international human rights treaty which includes civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights, it sets out in detail what every child needs to have for a safe, happy and fulfilled childhood’. (UNICEF charity online 20ll)

There are also many negative points on residential care home for example a CRB check is not a 100% as well because it only covers records before you did the check and the next check is in three years so someone could commit a sexual case after and still be able to work with children for 3 years before the new one is updated. In a residential care home there are going to be a lot of thing the staff wouldn’t know for example someone could be getting bullied and the careers wouldn’t be able to do anything because there wouldn’t know.

Giving a young person that smokes money every week could be a negative because the fact his got money now this could make him smokes more because the money he will get for his food and cloths he would use to by drugs (cannabis) and this will make him worst then he use to be. In a residential care home the staffs are meant to be available 24 hours a day but after 11pm there are no where to be seen so the young people are left alone to do what there wished.

When you are in a residential care you are allow visitors and the problem with that is the carers don’t know who the friends are and what there are going to do. The friend could be a rapist and could walk in another youth room and sexually abuse them in the care home without the careers having any idea about it while it’s happening. My overall all view on residential care home is a negative even doe the positive plays a big part but is a negative because according to UN convention on the rights of the child the children should be safe and treat equally and allow friends that are not known by anyone is a hazards to the youths that don’t know them friends.

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